Do I have to sit at the computer the whole time?

It depends. 

Course Material:

You can view the material right on the website, so regardless of what device you are using, you can view it (Note: Some courses are still in the process of being converted to this format). You can also download the course as a PDF file. If you are connected to a printer you can always print some or all of the PDF file, this is completely optional.

All of the test questions are given within the material. This means that you can prepare for the online exam ahead of time.

Online Exam:

This part you will need to be in front of the computer or on your smart device. 

If you wrote down your answers from the Study Material, then this will be an extremely fast process. All you will do is select the correct answer for each question. 

If you have not yet completed the exam from the Study Material, then this will take some time in front of the computer.

After every 10 questions the exam is automatically saved, but you may always Save Your Exam and come back at a later time.