General Questions

What happens if I fail?

Failing: Anything under 70% is considered a failing score and requires you to retake the exam. If you fail an exam, you are allowed two more times to take the exam without any additional cost. (At your fourth attempt, you are charged a fee) To reset your exam, please contact us by email or by phone for us to reset your exam (A_t this time, this is not an automated process. A representative will need to know your name and the exam you need reset to manually have your exam reactivated. Failure to ...

How many questions are in an exam?

It depends on the course. Generally, each course has upwards of 16 questions per credit hour. All of the test questions are given ahead of time within the course material, so it is treated as open book.

Is the online exam timed?

No, it is not timed. You even have the ability to save your exam while taking it. This means that you can come back at a later time to complete the exam. Our exams are considered 'Open Book'. This allows yo u to look back through the Study Material while taking an exam.

Why do I need an account?

It is required that you have an account on CE Massage. The reason being is to take courses and complete exams, it has to be assigned to someone. It is very easy to sign up for an account and the best part is all of your records will be in that one account. You will be able to view certificates, study material and complete exams. To register for an account go to: ( Are you an employer or organization that needs t...

What happens when I pass?

After you have successfully passed a course you will receive a certificate. You can print out this certificate immediately, if desired. The certificate is also stored within your account for future reference. After you have the certificate please be sure to maintain a copy your records. When you are ready to renew your license or certification you will need to enter the information found on the certificate within your renewal application (if it requests specific information). Sometimes you w...

Do I have to sit at the computer the whole time?

It depends. Course Material: You can view the material right on the website, so regardless of what device you are using, you can view it (Note: Some courses are still in the process of being converted to this format). You can also download the course as a PDF file. If you are connected to a printer you can always print some or all of the PDF file, this is completely optional. All of the test questions are given within the material. This means that you can prepare for the online exam ahead of...

Are CE hours the same as CEUs?

Generally speaking, no they are not the same thing. Many state boards have different terminology, but below are the general definitions. CE hour- counts a one hour of continuing education CEH- Same as CE CEU- Generally counts as 10 CE hours (some boards go based on this while others do not) What are courses are: Each on of our courses is based on a CE hour or a credit. _For Example:_ Our 6 hour course will count as 6 CE hours or credits. It will NOT count as 6 CEU. If it were ...

How can I sign up for courses, but not receive promotional emails?

When you signup for courses, you are then placed automatically into our monthly email distribution. If you would like to unsubscribe from the promotional email, you can unsubscribe at that time at the bottom of the email. All promotional emails have a statement at the top that says 'This is a promotional email...'. _You will still receive transactional emails (ie. password resets, certificates, updated certificate types of emails that are initiated because you actively interacted with the s...

Can I use an iPad/Tablet/Phone?

Yes, you can. Our entire website is mobile friendly. Ordering: You can order online using any device, or you can call us during normal business hours and we can process the order by phone. Viewing Material: You can view the material within your account after ordering. This allows you to view it on any computer or mobile device (Note: We are still in the process of making all of our courses viewable this way). If you would like you can download the material as a PDF file so it is fairly easy...

Where can I find my receipt?

First, you will want to login to your account on CE Massage. Once you are logged into your account click on 'Profile & Receipts'. Then you will see a smaller tab that says 'Receipts'. Once clicked, you will then be able to view your receipts and print them out.

What are your test questions like?

Our test questions are multiple choice. This means that you will select the correct answer. Below is an example from one of our exams:

Do your courses come with video?

Unfortunately, our courses do not come with video. None of our courses are video or audio at this time.

Is the online exam timed?

No, the exams are not timed. With us you have the ability to save your exam while taking it, allowing you to be able to come back at a later time to complete the exam. This allows you complete flexibility with your schedule! Our exams are considered 'Open Book'. This allows you to look back through the Study Material while taking an exam.

How does online testing work?

Online testing is very simple and allows you to work at your own pace without waiting for others. You will receive your certificate immediately after successfully completing the exam. After you have purchased, you will login to your account on ---To access your course material go to "1- Course Study Material" and click on "View" to the right of the course you are interested in studying. ---To take an exam you will go to "2- Take Exam" and click on "Start" to begin...

What happens if I fail?

You must receive a 70% score to pass. If you happen to fail, you will have one more opportunity to complete the test again free of charge. You will need to contact us by phone or email so we may reset your exam. We will reset it the next business day. If you fail after this attempt, you will need to purchase the exam again at a discounted rate.

Is there an expiration on courses purchased?

Yes, you have one year from purchase date, however you may always purchase an extension of time. To purchase an extension you can login to your account and click 'Extend Expiration'. You will see the expiration date of your exam within your account under 'Take Exam' or under the 'Extend Expiration' date.

Are your courses completely online?

Yes. After you have created your account and purchased your courses, you will be able to access your course(s) in your account. You will be able to view your course, complete the test and if passed you will receive your certificate to print out. No shipments and no Hassle. Not only are they 100% online, but you also may 'Save Your Exam' and come back at a later time!