My name changed, but is not on the certificate…

All certificates are created without the ability to be edited. The reason for this is to limit and prevent fraud. 
We are held accountable for each certificate we issue.
We may recreate or modify a certificate IF
  • You need to have your license number(s) inputted on the certificate.
  • You have had a legal name change that took place PRIOR or ON the date of the certificate. 
    • If you name change includes you first name, we will need to see documented proof of the before and after names.
  • Your name on the current certificate has a gross misspelling or incorrect license number.
If we recreate or modify a certificate it will be updated within your CE Massage account. You may also receive an email with a link to your updated certificate.
We will NOT:
  • Change Dates
  • Change Course Names
  • Change Number of Hours
All certificates that are edited are completed and edited at Company discretion. If you simply need us to resend your certificate without any modification, we will do this freely. Certificates are also stored within your account on CE Massage.